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The xarLee Hub is a central point of contact where you can find testnet faucets to get tokens that you will need in your Dapp testing during development.

This is a website suitable for blockchain developers, students, enthusiasts or startups that need to test their Dapps built using one the following blockchain protocols:

Ethereum (ETH)

The first blockchain protocol created for developing decentralized applications.

If you need Ether click the link on the sidebar

Bitcoin (BTC)

The first blockchain protocol created as a digital currency.

If you need Bitcoin click the link on the sidebar


The first blockchain created with Smart Assets out-of-the-box.

If you need XEM click the link on the sidebar

Tron (TRX)

A blockchain platform focused in decentralized entertainment ecosystem.

If you need Tron contact us or visit Tron faucet


A blockchaim platform for developing Dapps within an operating system.

If you need EOS contact us or visit EOS faucet

Stellar (XLM)

A blockchain protocol (centralized) to exchange assets including fiat currencies.

If you need Lumens contact us or visit Lumens faucet

Cardano (ADA)

A blockchain protocol based on scientific philosophy.

If you need ADA contact us or visit ADA faucet


A blockchain protocol designed for IoT (Internet of Things).

If you need MIIOTA contact us or visit Miiota faucet

Waves (WAVES)

A blockchain protocol designed in Russia with an incorporated DEX and Smart Assets.

If you need Waves contact us or visit Waves faucet

Neo (NEO)

A blockchain protocol similar to Ethereum designed in China.

If you need Neo contact us or visit Neo faucet

Dash (DASH)

A blockchain protocol designed for private payments, instant sending and decentralized orgs.

If you need Dash contact us or visit Dash faucet

Cryptocurrency calculator

Use a cryptocurrency calculator to convert bitcoin and the most popular altcoins into USD or EUR.


Experience mining cryptocurrency without building a mining rig.