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About NEM Blockhain

NEM Faucet

This faucet uses a public Testnet where you can send transactions without spending real money.

How to use

  • You can claim up to 100 XEM (randomly) every 1 hour
  • A mosaic can be attached (changes every month)
  • To claim XEM, mosaics, coin or gas you must get 1 xarleecm:token (TOK) first
  • Do not use bots or abusive claims
  • Please send back tokens to this address when no longer needed:
  • Please note that these XEM have no value in the market. Only for testing purposes.
  • You must solve the reCaptcha and Verify me.
  • A message can be included in the transaction and can be encrypted so that only the recipient can see it
  • Complete the steps 1234
80% 50 XEM
50% 60 XEM
40% 70 XEM
30% 80 XEM
20% 90 XEM
10% 100 XEM
8% 40 XEM
6% 30 XEM
4% 20 XEM
2% 10 XEM
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Token Airdrop - NEM Tokens


Zodiac limited collection (3000 units every month)

♈ ♉ ♊ ♋ ♌ ♍ ♎ ♏ ♐ ♑ ♒ ♓


xarLee utility tokens (coin, token and gas)

xarleecm:coin (XLEE) is used for getting tickets in NEM Lotto, exchanging other NEM Tokens, and getting WebMining multipliers

xarleecm:token (TOK) is used for generate gas and granting access to the faucet

xarleecm:gas (GAS) is created when staking xarleecm:token and it will be used in NEM Funcodes (coming soon)


Special events tokens

Ded Moroz mosaic Available from Dec 15 ↔ Jan 8 (1 XLEE free + 25% XEM) (2999 units)

Distribute your own NEM Token

Do you want to distribute your own NEM Token using this faucet?

Please send your request to this address

Your token details will be explained here
After approval, send your NEM Tokens to Faucet address.
* * NEM Tokens with Levy are not accepted

VIP User

Do you need to claim more often? Join as VIP address for 100 XEMs per month.. Please ask to join here

NEM Tokens available  
blogpay:blogpay Active
deca:smc Active
eth:eth Active
eth:mosaic Levy not accepted
eth:nem Levy not accepted
jpy:coin Levy not accepted
jpy:mosaic Active
mycryptogabotest:mycryptogabotest Active
prx:xpx Active Scheduled Scheduled 🎃 Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:aquarius Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:aries Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:cancer Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:capricorn Active
xarleecm.zodiac:gemini Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:leo Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:libra Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:pisces Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:sagittarius Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:scorpio Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:taurus Scheduled
xarleecm.zodiac:virgo Scheduled
xarleecm:coin Active
xarleecm:gas Active
xarleecm:token Active

Recent claims (13)

AddressMessageXEMMosaicDateTx hash
TAUKG5-MIGLSP-Z6OFN6-BJDEIG-ZCJPOY-AUU6LT-SLT6 50 No 2019-1-18 09:09:32 SUCCESS e3f1c7eb2...
TCTFUB-R7GJFD-4LAEFA-YA3YT4-DHZAKW-ZGRFS4-YDQU 10 Yes 2019-1-18 05:56:00 SUCCESS fbef08d6a...
TAUKG5-MIGLSP-Z6OFN6-BJDEIG-ZCJPOY-AUU6LT-SLT6 90 No 2019-1-18 05:43:13 SUCCESS 9efba5a70...
TDLELT-74MM6L-IRONTX-46CCER-2PCYU3-SGWZLA-GQDS 297673a7cb1648f8b4638b6fbb0f74fe 2 Yes 2019-1-18 04:27:12 SUCCESS ab309ab3f...
TAUKG5-MIGLSP-Z6OFN6-BJDEIG-ZCJPOY-AUU6LT-SLT6 70 No 2019-1-18 04:26:24 SUCCESS 1a83b5649...
TCTFUB-R7GJFD-4LAEFA-YA3YT4-DHZAKW-ZGRFS4-YDQU 40 No 2019-1-18 03:13:33 SUCCESS ba38d428e...
TAUKG5-MIGLSP-Z6OFN6-BJDEIG-ZCJPOY-AUU6LT-SLT6 80 No 2019-1-18 01:43:56 SUCCESS 11eb94516...
TAAABV-QF3ADC-DLLCD4-CJ3S3D-TSEQ37-2N6LW6-CUL5 50 No 2019-1-17 19:55:16 SUCCESS 011971ba6...
TAUKG5-MIGLSP-Z6OFN6-BJDEIG-ZCJPOY-AUU6LT-SLT6 40 No 2019-1-17 18:29:41 SUCCESS 3237d3bd9...
TAUKG5-MIGLSP-Z6OFN6-BJDEIG-ZCJPOY-AUU6LT-SLT6 90 No 2019-1-17 14:50:04 SUCCESS 6c904640e...
TA4YBG-2NAB53-POXPDQ-QI7API-NXK74X-LXL3YI-ADUM 90 No 2019-1-17 13:05:13 SUCCESS 6292e1a17...
TAUKG5-MIGLSP-Z6OFN6-BJDEIG-ZCJPOY-AUU6LT-SLT6 60 No 2019-1-17 11:57:14 SUCCESS 0223f0da5...
TAUKG5-MIGLSP-Z6OFN6-BJDEIG-ZCJPOY-AUU6LT-SLT6 90 No 2019-1-17 10:57:10 SUCCESS 12b0ec299...