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Now you can get XEM coins (mainnet) changing with STEEM. Do you have an Steemit account?
  • 1 Claim XEM with your NEM address and put into the message your Steemit user (without @).
  • 2 Transfer 1 STEEM to user @xarleecm
  • 3 We will match steem user in transfer with steem user in NEM message claim
  • 4 If match you get 5 XEM in NEM address used in claim

What is NEM Blockchain?

You can also buy NEM (XEM) in some exchanges and its value is 0.37$ (may 2018).
Also you can try our XEM web miner (beta) to get XEM Go to Web Miner

How to use

  • You can claim 0.05 XEM every 4 hours
  • Do not use bots or abusive claims
  • You must solve the reCaptcha and Verify me in order to claim.
  • Complete the steps 1234
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