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NEM Blockchain Tools (mainnet)

Get accounts

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Get block data

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Enter block height and Click View to get block data

Get namespace data

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Get mosaics

Enter namespaceId and Click View to get its mosaics

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What is NEM Blockchain?

Also you can try our XEM web miner (beta) to get XEM Go to Web Miner

How to use

  • You can claim 0.01 XEM or a NEM Mosaic every 1 hour
  • Do not use bots or abusive claims
  • You must solve the reCaptcha and Verify me.
  • Complete the steps 1234
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NEM Mosaic - Faucet Limited Collections

xarLee Coin

xarlee coin xarLee Coin (21 million units) Available from Nov 16


Next event

🎃 Jack-o-Lantern mosaic Available from Oct 15 ↔ Nov 7 (3000 units)

Distribute your own NEM mosaic

Do you want to distribute your own NEM mosaic using this Faucet?

Promote your own token with Faucet Airdrop

Please make a request in the NEM Forum

Specify NEM mosaic name, namespace, supply, start and end date, quantity per claim, icon or image of mosaic, NEM address.
After approval, send your NEM mosaics to Faucet address.
* * NEM Mosaic with Levy not accepted

VIP User

Do you need to claim more often? Join as VIP address for 100 XEMs per month.. Please ask to join here

NEM Mosaics available
NEM Mosaic full nameIconFaucet supplyObservations
xarleecm:coin 21000000000000 Scheduled
blogpay:coin 993 Active 🎃 998 Active

Recent claims

AddressXEMMosaicDateTx hash
NDWILB-JIH5WB-Z4UCC2-MFSGQG-IXSOVZ-5UPXAO-D5IF 0.01 No 2018-10-23 10:18:39 SUCCESS 5d99e433f...
NDWILB-JIH5WB-Z4UCC2-MFSGQG-IXSOVZ-5UPXAO-D5IF 0.01 No 2018-10-23 07:08:28 SUCCESS 5e7b0f417...